New Forums!Behold the power of our new forum... thing.

The new Epic Space: Online forums are live and are completely integrated with the main game universe!

We've spent the entire month tweaking, testing and finalizing the experience!

Head over to and check them out.

New! Controls Tutorial

A new tutorial exclusively covering the controls has been added. It'll only appear for pilots under level 2 or if pilots decide to reset their own tutorials. (Via the Game Settings)

Alternatively, if you're already an expert, dismiss the tutorial at anytime.

Galaxy Map Tweaks

The Galaxy map now shows your current location and the primary locations of all resources. The Arrid Expanse: Tritanium, Cordite. The Glenn Nebula: Ice, Aluminum. More locations to be added!

Press M to bring up the Galaxy Map or approach any jump point in game.

New Sound Effects"Bzzzzzzzzzzz"

New Ship Engine and Docked level sound effects have been added! As a result we've toned down some of the music so everyone can experience it. Adjust the settings in the Options menu.

UI Tweaks

  • The image of the ship and it's level color display correctly in the hangar bay.
  • Various tweaks have been made to the tutorial missions system in support of our ongoing "New Player Support" campaign.
  • Removed the ceasefire note on Character Creation Interface.
  • A background video has been added to the login interface so players get a little "pumped" about combat.
  • The PDA can now be resized (Experimental).
  • Players are now clearly notified when they level up their character or ship.
  • Player avatars are now visible in the roster when docked at a space station.
  • When docked, and if there is any inventory in your ship, a message will pop up letting you know.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where items listed in the refinery interface did not have descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue causing the inbox button to disappear on the PDA.
  • Fixed an issue keeping pilots from getting their flight bonuses.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Tactical Map to be unresponsive after leaving screenshot mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing the voice comm records' distance to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue causing bookmark distances to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting Apollos in the factory interface.
  • Fixed an issue causing sold Apollos to not be transferred to the buyer in some cases.

Chat: Discord IntegrationDiscord is completely integrated with Epic Space: Online

We've integrated Discord directly into the game and is available in three channels: General, Trading, and Help. Players chatting in these channels will see each other whether they are on a Discord client, docked in a station, or in flight.

We need your feedbackExtra Xp is given monthly for your critiques

Don't forget, you can submit feedback to us at any time using the in game feedback tool. Bug, Idea, Suggestion, Shower Thought? It doesn't matter. We're always checking the feedback pool.

Also: Submit Feedback on our new forums.

Free to play weekendTime to stress test servers

We're also working out the details on our upcoming free to play weekend. We're looking to completely meltdown our server infrastructure and are looking for you to help us with that.

Stay tuned for more info.

Epic Space Needs your feedback

Let us know your thoughts on the forums or on Discord.

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