A birds eye view of the chaosNew! Tactical Map

As we continue development on our squadron update, we thought it would be a great time to introduce the new Tactical Map (TACM). This map provides a bird's eye view of the sector and helps pilots track various points of interest.

We've also introduced the new "Flight" system, which can also be viewed from the TACM and tracks all the objectives you've completed in the current game session.

When you dock, you can 'cash out' the points you've earned for credits. (Bonus for not dying.)

Pressing the M key brings up the map.

Respawn PointsQuickest way to get back into the fight

When you die in an enemy sector, you'll have the option to respawn! As long as you have a spare ship and a enemy comm array is under your faction's control, you'll be able to spawn near it.

But be warned: Comm Arrays can be retaken by the faction that hosts them.

Asteroid Base ChangesJust stick it in!

Asteroid bases can be installed directly into an asteroid! We've also done away with platforms and landing pads. For now, simply grab a construction beam, select a hangar, and place the marker directly into an Asteroid to begin your construction.

New: AvatarsNow you can memorize the avatars of your victims

This is something we never got the chance to polish in ES Classic. So we're so excited to talk about this feature -- Avatars. They play such an important role as they allow you to easily recognize other players. The awesomest thing? We support animated gifs!

No, the even awesomer thing? Is that they appear when you mouse over a ship!

New: Profile Badges

Kickstarter Backers, Founders, Marines, Squids, Coasties, Dog Faces, Flyboys, and Bubbleheads can all get an icon representing their branch applied to their ES:O profile. Kickstarter backers should automatically see their badge on their profile. But if you're missing one, contact us on Discord.

Members of the US Armed forces, go here.

Outpost HP ModificationsStill unarmed (We're working on that)

We've brought the health down for all Outposts to between 200-400 hp depending on the outpost's distance from the primary station. This results in outposts that are easier to destroy... for now. We're working on outfitting them with some defense turrets to even the odds. (Possibly this month)

Courier Hud IconsIf it's red, make it dead

We've applied the new ship friend or foe icons that we introduced in February to NPC couriers. White is good, red is bad.

Ship Leveling and XP SystemGreat! Something else to keep track of.

Ships can now be leveled up to a cap of 5! Leveling up your ship will allow you to mount more powerful turrets and retrofits that otherwise would not be available at lower levels.

Ship SellingUsed ship salesman

Pilots can now sell any ship over level 2 for a little extra cash. Head to your hangar bay at Bradford or Hadfield Station and click the sell icon to begin the listing process.

Voice Communication TimestampsJust a little polish to the comm logs

Voice communication timestamps have been tweaked to be more readable. By determining the age of a comm record, you can more easily guess the source's current location.

New: Tactical MapA birds eye view of the chaos.

Designed to support our upcoming "Squadron Update", the tactical map will allow pilots to easily collaborate on various objectives in game. Upon death, pilots will use this map to select a new spawn point.

Press M to bring up the TACM.

New: Flight Pts SystemEarn points and credits for supporting your faction

Pilots are now tracked and awarded for what they complete in a single session!

  • NPC Kills: 100 PTS
  • PVP Kills: 500 PTS
  • Outpost Destroyed: 200 PTS
  • Comm Array Procurement: 100 PTS
  • Confirmed Hits on Ships (NPC or PVP): 1 PT
  • Mined Resource (in Enemy Sector): 1 PT

New: Hangar BayManage all your docked ships in once place

A new Hangar Bay option is available on the PDA. From this interface you can see all of your owned ships, their statuses, and what they have mounted. (At the currently docked station)

Notifications V2

A much improved notification system has been installed. This new system lets players know if they've recently earned XP, credits, or have connection problems.

Updated Reddit PageNew Facelift

We've updated our subreddit over at /r/EpicSpace. We check this page regularly for new ideas and tech issues! Go check it out! But don't forget: We're on Discord.

Chat: Discord IntegrationDiscord is completely integrated with Epic Space: Online

We've integrated Discord directly into the game and is available in three channels: General, Trading, and Help. Players chatting in these channels will see each other whether they are on a Discord client, docked in a station, or in flight.

Frictionless Tutorial MissionsA little easier to get into the game

Based on the feedback received in January, we've modified several parts of the tutorial that kept players from progressing.

We need your feedbackExtra Xp is given monthly for your critiques

Don't forget, you can submit feedback to us at any time using the in game feedback tool. Bug, Idea, Suggestion, Shower Thought? It doesn't matter. We're always checking the feedback pool.

All submissions are anonymous!

Free to play weekendTime to stress test servers

We're also working out the details on our upcoming free to play weekend. We're looking to completely meltdown our server infrastructure and are looking for you to help us with that.

Stay tuned for more info.

Epic SPace Grows with Word of Mouth

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