Epic Space: Thanksgiving Event

Space Turkeys

Starting November 22nd and ending December 2nd, all cargo ships will be transporting precious turkeys to various outposts. Turkeys are a rare commodity and heavily sought after, especially during the holidays.

Boost the morale of your faction by liberating them from the enemy and selling for a hefty price on your faction's market.

Take out enemy faction cargo ships to "rescue" the turkeys they are transporting.

Not only do you need to go out and rescue these turkeys but be on the lookout for the enemy trying to do the same. If you protect your faction's turkeys the better chance you have of winning.

Whoever sells the most turkeys before December 2nd, get's a +1 promotion in rank. (*Promotions allow pilots to fly bigger and badder ships.)

- 1st Place: +1 Promotion in Rank + 1,000 Credits
- 2nd Place: 500 Credits
- 3rd Place: 100 Credits

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